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Kröpelin Sun-protection Window Films and Special-Function Films

Kröpelin flat-glass films are self-adhesive window film systems that are designed for retrofitting on all types of windows and glass panels. Such window films add new functions to existing glass systems that were not envisaged prior to their construction. This might be due, for example, to a change in the building’s function, requirements, or design, or they may simply not have been considered in the original planning.

Kröpelin sun-protection and special-function window film can be employed to provide a wide variety of retrospective functions: sun protection, heat protection, glare protection, UV-protection, privacy protection, shatter protection, surface protection, and protection from vandalism; they can also be used to create a new appearance or to add other decorative touches.

Special-purpose façade window films can be used to enhance or alter the appearance of façades made of synthetic material, aluminium, untreated or coated steel or reinforced façade panels.

Our window films can be integrated into any existing architectural design and style – which makes Kröpelin sun-protection and special-function films the ideal retrofitting solution for all types of glass-panel constructions.

Kröpelin Window Films For Interior And Exterior Use

The Kröpelin brand features a broad product range for interior and exterior use, to suit a wide range of glass types and requirements. Certain structural situations only permit either interior or exterior use, while thermal glass breakage can be avoided by employing a suitably precise combination of window film system and glazing.

Kröpelin Window Film supplies a full range of interior and exterior window film products.

Kröpelin Window Films For Office And Work Environments

Kröpelin flat-glass window films enhance the functionality and appearance of all types of glazing. They save energy, improve the room climate and in turn create a pleasant working environment while maintaining employees’ performance levels, protecting the interior from fading and enhancing the value and general appearance of windows and façades.

Retrofitting is fast and inexpensive and can be performed without impairing ongoing work processes. Many building owners have already enjoyed the benefits of the investment’s short amortisation period.

The Finest Solar Window Film In Malaysia – Kröpelin

A solar Window film is commonly tinted and applied professionally to the glass surface of the windows in vehicles and buildings. The application of these solar window films promotes personal and property protection. In addition to its protective features, solar window films also enhance the aesthetic level of the vehicles or property as they come in different shades and colors. Kröpelin has brought the best Solar windows film in Malaysia. Kröpelin is a renowned German company but they are increasingly becoming popular in Malaysia as well due their superior quality products and services.

However, there would many people who would be wondering why they should use solar window films. So, here we would like to share some of the benefits that an effective solar window film can offer-

Why use a Solar window film?

  • If you use solar window films in your home, commercial buildings, vehicles they can significantly reduce the damaging effects of sun. Over the time, the heat and the UV rays of sun make the items exposed to them fade and can even make the temperature inside the vehicle high. So, a solar window film can not only protect your property from damage but can also make your vehicle comfortable for travelling.
  • If you are exposed to the harmful UV rays then it can cause severe skin damage and the high glares of sun can be painful for the eyes as well. So, solar window film can ensure a healthy life.
  • The Solar Window film can also hold the shards of the broken glasses together in an event of accident and vandalism.
  • They can also safeguard your privacy.

Thus, a good solar window film can impact your life in several positive ways. There is a constant increase in demand for solar windows film in Malaysia and we are happy that we have been able to serve our clients with outmost dedication.

Kröpelin solar windows film in Malaysia helps in alleviate the damaging effects of sun, by blocking the UV rays and reflecting the sun’s heat. In addition, to that, you can also enhance the look of your vehicle or building while providing energy-saving comfort in summer and winters. The solar window films can also efficiently protect your privacy and at the same time create a new look for your building or vehicle.

Now go ahead get a unique combination of safety and style with Solar Window Films today!

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