Brand Profile

Brand Profile

Kröpelin, as an internationally recognized pioneer of noble metal coating and composite industry, was established in Munster, Germany in year 1978.

It Is the world’s first manufacturer which employs microparticle spectrum technology to manufacture window films. Moveover, it is one of the few companies in the world that operates a dedicated R&D institute which focuses on producing eco-friendly, energy efficient window films.

Throughout the years, Kröpelin concentrates its effort in developing both top quality energy saving eco-intelligence and safety blast-resistant window film series. It also constantly launches some revolutionary products and sophisticated technology.

The company has gained great recognition from 80 embassies across the globe as the designated supplier of windows films. Furthermore, the German government has honored it with the exemption from safety inspection.

In fact, Kröpelin Germany is one of the 9 members of the International Window Film Association. It is noteworthy that the manufacturing machines used by other members of this association are all made in German.

Kröpelin is the preferred supplier of window films for many professional and highest quality customers around the world, for example the world’s only 7 star hotel – Burj AL Arab Hotel in the United Arab Emirates, Lufthansa Airlines, APEC summit, UN Headquarter, and so on.

Kröpelin Germany continually adopts the concept of advanced technological innovation and Germany’s cutting-edge technology. It’s products are authentically imported from German.

The automotive thermal insulation film of Kröpelin Germany employs the latest microparticle spectrum technology and also the world’s leading DURITAL surface hardening treatment technology. In fact, it is the sole designated product from Germany’s BMW.

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Kröpelin, The only car tinted film made in Germany. Now launching at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.