Car Tinted Manufacturing and Quality

German manufacturer of Car Tinted film

These Car Tinted premium brands variable roller-blind, flat-glass and other special-function films like Window Film automotive films and glare-protection systems are some of the best products manufactured by premium quality factory.

For more than 30 years now, they has been improving and coming up with innovative film technologies in Germany. Its manufacturing activities cover all production processes of special-function films and also its variable systems brand, all manufactured in Germany with the following standard:

  • Mechanical dry-laminating process, also applied even on curved glass
  • Making use of slitting, rewinding, plotting and laser marking technology
  • With employment of refinement techniques namely; plating, laminating and embossing
  • Strictly in accordance with the EN 13120:2014 standard
  • ISO 9001:2000 certification

Window Film has been marked leading film manufacturer for its individuality in its ability to flexibly adapt to customers’ requirements. Special application film system or unique colour combinations can be easily and flexibly produced, even in small quantities with the same quality.

Car Tinted Manufacturing And Quality

Right here, manufacturing only the highest quality of films is what makes us happy – since top quality products help to solve problems qualitatively and thus make clients fully satisfied. Having been in the industry for many years producing special films, we have become the most preferred Film Manufacturing Company and Car Tinted Malaysia Firm everyone counts on.

Our wide range of productions – deliver high efficiency & minimized costs of top quality end-products to clients all over the globe – hence bringing to you the most competitively priced films on the marketplace today.

Whatever the application might be, we manufacture the best films that will surpass your expectations & offer your cars and properties the ultimate aesthetics & performance for years to come!

For your Car Tinted Malaysia services, our wide range of car tinted products is the best that you can invest in and be completely proud of.
We have been manufacturing and delivering top-of-the-line custom-tailored grade films and the reason why we are the best is due to the fact that we always insist on best quality combined with cutting-edge technology.

With an all-encompassing knowledge of the business – this has made us a global & leading brand and a preferred choice for many dealers, installers and end-users throughout Germany, Malaysia and across the globe.

Our films are produced in a high-tech, ISO-9001:2001 certified production facility and guarantees only the highest quality.

Kröpelin commitment to highest quality is what drives our business in the right direction every single day. This is something every client can count on & truly find in every product we make. Our wide range of products is aiding to secure & enhance businesses, homes, & vehicles all over the world. We are proudly Germany’s leading manufacturer & supplier of high performance films. Quality comes first!

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Kröpelin Car Tinted, The Premium German Technology Window Films. Now launching at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.