Why Do Others Brand Dye Window Films Turn Purple?

Why Do Others Brand Dye Window Films Turn Purple?

Most of us have seen dyed window films that have turned purple. Although as per tinted film Malaysia is that there are several factors that lead to this, many think that the sun or poor care of the window films are responsible for the purple effect. The colours that make up the film are also responsible. Despite how common this issue is, manufacturers have come up with strategies on how this can be avoided.


Primary Colours Are Responsible for Car Tint Malaysia Turning Purple

Each window film consists of the three primary colours which are blue, red and yellow. Yellow is the colour that fades faster than the other two when there is much exposure to sunlight. Exposure of any window is always there whether it is from a house or a car. Window films Malaysia is installed in order to minimise the amount of sunlight that gets indoors, and this is how the windows get expose. When yellow fades fast, the film is left with blue and red. When these two are combined, they give the purple effect.


What Do Window Films Malaysia Do to Reduce the Turning of the Colour

The tints in cars also turn purple as time goes by and although there is nothing that can stop this 100 percent, car tint Malaysia use various strategies to address this colour change.


UV Absorbers in Auto Film Malaysia

One of the advantages of using UV absorbers is that they dissipate the damaging UV rays after absorbing them, turning them into heat. This means the sun will not be responsible for the window films turning into purple. The UV absorbers used by auto film Malaysia are added to either the core polyester film or the adhesive layer or even on both of them which adds life to the colour. To have maximum protection from the damaging effects of the sun, high concentration and the highest quality of UV absorbers is used. When this is done, the window films have high resistance to the damaging effects of sun rays.


Colour Combination is Selected Carefully

Tinted film Malaysia is also being more careful in the colour combination on films. This prevents the yellow colour from fading faster than the others. Using a particular mix of the used dyes, the combined colours will fade uniformly which means the colour will remain as original for a long time. If there is part of the window that is covered from sun exposure, you can compare to the one that is not protected. They will be of the same colour but different shades when colours are combined perfectly.

Car tint Malaysia is protected from turning into purple by use of UV absorbers and more care in the colour combination. Although the films will fade over time, at least they will retain their original colour. A good tinted film Malaysia comes with a warranty, especially against colour change. Your car will not have purple streaks on its windows.

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