8 Tips before Choosing Your Car Tinted Film in Malaysia | Tinted Kereta

8 Tips before Choosing Your Car Tinted Film in Malaysia | Tinted Kereta

Similarly, tinted glasses are also used for both styling of car and protection of people sitting inside the car. Some of the people don’t much bother about them and select any regular car tint ( tinted kereta ) without focusing on the quality or the manufacturer of the product. This is not a wise step to take because, in this way, you can waste your money on the installation and purchase of the car tints ( tinted kereta ) and also can cause you more financial loses because of the recovery and reinstallation of tinted glass after the breakage or occurring of any kind of issue in them.

So, here we are going to tell about some of the tips that you have to follow before choosing any a tinted glass for your vehicle.


1.    Know the various tinting alternatives and requirements

Well, there are lots of tinted glasses available in the market that suits a different kind of vehicle sizes. Also, there are lots of tinted glasses manufacturers that produce different quality of car tints ( tinted kereta ). So, it is important to perfectly understand different alternatives of car tints ( tinted kereta )  and the requirements of your vehicle.

So, here are some of the car tint ( tinted kereta ) alternatives from which you can choose according to your requirements and needs:

  • Visible Light Transmission

One of the most popular and highly utilized options for car window tinting is the visible light transmission. It is a kind of technique that is also used in lenses. In this method, the light coming from the sun or any source passes in the appropriate amount through the window which is sufficient for the visibility inside the car. Most of the time it happens that sunlight or any other light comes inside the car in an excessive amount that you clearly can’t see the road while driving. This thing can cause a severe accident which is clearly life threatening and dangerous. While with the help of VLT, you will get the appropriate amount of light inside the car which will alternatively reduce the chances of such mishappening.

  • Infrared Rejection

Sunlight has some specific type of rays that cause warmth into any particular object. Those rays are called infrared which are not suitable for the things that are not supposed to be warm in any case. You may have noticed that your car’s temperature starts going high if your vehicle remains in contact with the sunlight for most of the time. In this case, it can be quite difficult to drive because of the high temperature inside your car. Additionally, your car’s air-conditioner can also stop working because of this situation.

While infrared rejection car tints ( tinted kereta ) help you in this case. They prevent the infrared rays coming from the sun to get into the car. In this way, the temperature inside the car remains constant and you perfectly drive your car without any problem.

  • Ultraviolent Rejection

Ultraviolent is another source of heat that you feel when you get in contact with the sunlight. It is an obvious fact that sunlight contains a different kind of radiations. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages but you can decide that it would be beneficial for you or not.

For this purpose, there are also Ultraviolent Rejection car tints ( tinted kereta ) that you can use for preventing the ultraviolet radiation come inside the car while it is in contact with the sunlight. This thing can help in the reduction of heat inside your car and also keep you safe from different kind of disasters that can happen because of Ultraviolent radiation coming from the Sun.

  • Total Solar Energy Rejection

Total Solar Energy Rejection is another aspect that some of the tinted glasses offer to you. It is another source of heat that is emitted from the Sun. It is kind of the strongest source of heat and energy that you may experience emitting from the Sun. It causes an increase in temperature inside the car which is not suitable for a safe drive.

So, you must have to install the tinted glass in your vehicle that offers total solar energy rejection and keep your vehicle free from these radiations which increase the temperature of your vehicle.

  • Visible Light Reflectance

Most of the time it happens that the light starts reflecting from the car tint ( tinted kereta ) which causes the sparkles inside the car. These sparkles reduce visibility which can cause severe road accidents. In this case, you must install tinted glass that offers reduced visible light reflectance because it will not offer you any kind of disturbance while driving which is usually offered by the other car tints ( tinted kereta ).

You might be thinking most of these categories are related to the cause of heat, then what is the difference. Well, all of them have different heat intensities from each other. Additionally, they have certain effects on the vehicle that are not offered by the other. so, you must have to properly consider what kind of factor your vehicle has to face and then install the relevant tinted glass in your car for better results.


2.    Different type of Tint Film

Another thing that you must have to consider before choosing your car tint ( tinted kereta ) is the different type of tint films available in the market. All of them have different aspects and functionalities that you must have to consider, otherwise, there will be no benefits of installing tinted glass in your vehicle.

So, here is a different type of tint films from which you have to choose:

  • Dyed window tint film

It is the most practical kind of window-tinting film. It is the most affordable and preferably less useful over others. It blocks light beams by the expansion of dye to the film. The dye is put in a layer alongside the glue, and afterward connected to the window. Sunlight based warmth is consumed by the dye in the film, in this manner, some of the heat is prevented from entering through the window. While the dyed window-tinting film is utilized fundamentally for appearance. They look flat and obscure and gives some protection while allowing permeability from the inside. When it is installed on the car window, it will seem dark. The dye tends to blur with time. The warmth decrease with the varieties of the dyed film which is not usually high.

  • Metalized film

Metalized film is also a dyed film that repels heat from inside space by reflecting it away. It is finished by little metallic particles that are undetectable to the eye and are implanted in the film. This metallic substance reinforces the window also while in the case of a vehicle, the window will be considerably more break safe when the Metalized film is utilized.

Metalized window-tinting film makes a sparkly appearance. It is more impervious to scratches than dyed film. Well, there is one drawback of the Metalized film is the way that its metallic substance tends to meddle with PDA and GPS transmission and with the radio reception.

  • Carbon window tint film

Carbon tint film for window conveys rather better outcomes. Carbon film does not have any type of metal, so the problem with PDAs and radio transmission does not emerge when it is installed. Carbon window-tinting film is dull that’s why it gives a classy alternative on windows. The carbon substance of the film obstructs about 40% of the infrared light that enters through the windows. Carbon windows tint films are about as viable as different other types in blocking heat. Its utilization will adequately cool inside space while additionally forestalling blurring to upholstery. Consequently, the air conditioner will not have to work a lot to cool the space throughout the summer, nor will the warming system be so vigorously affected throughout the winter. Additionally, carbon film will not blur with time as happens to the dyed films.

  • Ceramic film

Ceramic film is the most high-quality type of window tint film, and also the most costly among all. It contains neither dye, metals, nor carbon, however rather a sort of clay molecule that is both non-metallic and nonconductive. Ceramic film is the most recent innovation in windows tint. They are recently introduced to the market but they have officially demonstrated its value regarding the execution and its amazing quality. These films cut from 45% to half of the sun based warmth that enters through the windows as infrared light, while permitting most extreme permeability both by day and night. Like carbon film, ceramic window-tinting film permits most extreme proficiency in the working of radios, phones, GPS systems, and all other such gadgets being worked from inside the protected space. It defeats the other windows film types in its protection from glare and blurring and renders windows profoundly shatter-proof. Ceramic film is likewise best in its hindering of ultraviolet light from the inside. Just in the case that the ultraviolet light which is a kind of light beams that can cause sunburn and skin cancer, the it can block all of them up to 99% from entering the inside.


3.    Cost vs High Quality | Car Tint Price | Harga Tinted Kereata

This is another thing that you must have to consider before choosing the car tint ( tinted kereta ) for your vehicle. Most of the time it happens that people prefer price over the quality. They compromise on the quality of the product instead of raising their budget to get any product. They think that they have saved an amount from their income and budget in this way but they don’t really understand the other angles of this step that they had taken.

Considering cost is no doubt a point that every person have to look for and decide according to his financial benefits but preferring cost over the quality is not a wise step that any person may take. In this way, they don’t save the amount but build a chance and way to spend much more money in the future than they had to spend at this time.

When people consider costing over quality, they choose the bad quality product which alternatively leads them to the expenses of the high maintenance of the products that they had to pay in the future. In the case of tinted windows Malaysia, the preference of cost over quality is the worst decision that anyone will make. If a person will get a cheap car tinted ( tinted kereta murah ) windows Malaysia, then it will long last for only a few months and starts losing its performance day by day, which will alternatively lead you to the maintenance or replacement of tinted windows Malaysia.

In both of the cases, you have to spend a lot of money because when you will reinstall the tinted windows Malaysia in your vehicle, you will definitely consider the good quality instead of the cheap car tinted ( tinted kereta murah ) window Malaysia at this stage which will cost you a lot. Or if you decide to repair it by tinting its color, then still you have to pay a lot of money because it is also a quite expensive process to perform. So, it is preferred to consider quality instead of the cheap car tinted ( tinted kereta murah ) windows Malaysia because it is financially beneficial than considering the other option.


4.    JPJ Certified ( Tint JPJ )

Tinted JPJ certification is another one of the aspects that you have to consider while choosing your car tinted glass. It is one of those things that people usually neglect to consider which alternatively cause them some kind of legal issues while driving the car.

This certification is issued by the tinted JPJ which is a kind of legal organization of Malaysia to make some particular aspects that must be followed by every vehicle. If they are not fulfilled by any vehicle, then it will not get the certification which can involve the car owner into some legal issues.

In this certification, your vehicle’s windscreen must have the more than 70% of visible light transmission while the front side of your windows must of 50% of visible light transmission & the rest of window are 0% of visible light transmission. These ratios are important to have in the respective windows of your car because with this specific amount of visible light transmission, you can easily drive on the road without any kind of distraction that can happen due to the reduced VLT.

So, make sure to have all of these aspects fulfilled by your car and get the tinted JPJ verification because it will not only save you from the legal offenses but also can save your life from any kind of severe and deadly car accident experience.


5.    SmartTag & GPS Friendly

SmartTag and GPS friendliness is also the most important things that you have to consider in case of choosing the tinted windows Malaysia for your vehicles. SmartTag is a kind of automatic payment system which is used on toll plazas at the motorway. It is widely used all around Malaysia. In fact, you can pay only through this system on toll plaza. You cannot use the cash or any other payment system over there. You just have authentication to pay through SmartTag, and if you don’t have the device through which you have to pay the tax, then your vehicle cannot go further on the motorway.

So in this case, what if that the tinted windows that you have installed in your car distracts the signals of SmartTag device. It is very obvious that most of the windows tinted glasses don’t support some kind of electronic devices and they don’t work inside the car. In this case, these windows tinted glasses are useless even if they are best quality windows and too much pricy in the market because they will not let you make the transaction through SmartTag and also will not support the GPS system which is also a necessary element have while traveling far from your home.


6.    Car Tinted Brand


Another thing to consider while choosing the car window tint in Malaysia is its brand. You better know that brand plays a very important role in every aspect of life. No matter you are purchasing a small pin or any most expensive thing of your life, you first consider the brand of that product and then compare all of them to identify which one will the best for you. The same thing you have to perform while choosing the car window tints.

There are lots of car window tint brands available in the market. All of them produce different varieties and qualities in windows tints. Some of the times it happens that you purchase from a low brand which alternatively offers you a bad quality tinting of your window. Because of that bad quality, you cannot get a satisfying experience from it.

This is the reason, you must have to consider the brand of the window tinting that you are going to purchase. Properly identify that this brand is already successful in the market or not? if it is not much recognized by any of the people or it is not well-reputed, then don’t choose that car tint ( tinted kereta ) because it will not long last a lot as you may expect from it.


7.    Choose the right installer

Installation is another one of the most important factors that you have to consider while buying and installing the tinted glasses into your vehicles. Similar to the products’ brands and their quality, the professional skills, and experience of the installer are important.

Most of the time it happens that people choose the local or inappropriate installer for the installation of car window tinting into their vehicles. They hire such installers to save some amount of money because they already had spent a lot of money on purchasing the good quality glass. In this case, they don’t want to spend more on the car window tinting process.

This thing leads some of the people to the disadvantage as opposed to offering them any kind of benefit. That local or unskilled installer usually cannot install the tinted glasses better into the windows of car which alternatively do not offer the same result as the car owner may be thinking. In this case, he or she as to reinstall the whole glass of the window which is a more costly process to perform.

So, it is highly preferred to hire a well-skilled and professional installer for installing the car window tints so that you remain safe from this kind of issues and also get the best result from the windows tinting as you were anticipating from them.


8.    Learn how to preserve your tint colors

Everything has some protective standards that must have to follow in order to get better results from it. If you don’t understand and learn those standards and ways, then you cannot be able to get better output from that product because it will lose its performance and efficiency in a very short time.

Similarly, car windows tint glasses also have some preserve methods that you must have to learn before choosing the tinted windows Malaysia. If you don’t learn about them, then it is quite clear that all of your investment and efforts for your windows tinting will be wasted because it will not last enough long to offer you desired results.

So, here are some of the preservation methods that you have to follow:

  • Avoid Chemicals while washing the car

Don’t ever use any kind of chemical to wash your car because those chemicals can severely affect the tinted colors.

  • Don’t let the car in Sunlight for a longer time

The high exposure of the tinted area into the Sunlight can also fade up the color. So, avoid exposure as much as possible.


So, above has described some of the tips that you have to follow before choosing your car window tint in Malaysia. Consider all of these tips and make sure to choose the best windows tinting for your car.