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The world’s leading eminent technology – Microparticle Spectrum Technology

Window Films to implement the internationally recognized and most stringent ISO/TS16949:2002. Quality Management Systems that is fully integrated into every operating segment; from the selection of raw materials, movement of products out of the factory, finished product sales to the installation. Moveover, it is engaged in the production of the first product approved by the Germany TUV certification in the automotive glass film industry.

The pioneer of the European manufacturing sector for automotive thermal insulation films, explosion-proof, anti-theft, and blast-resistant films. It is one of the 9 manufacturers that is capable of manufacturing the best quality window films in the world and the sole representative of the advanced technology available in the Germany’s window film industry. Window Films automotive thermal insulation films can block more than 60% of solar heat gain and effectively filter out harsh, uncomfortable glare. After installing the Window Films automotive thermal insulation films, the car’s interior temperature can be significantly decreased by about 3-7 °C. Window Films automotive thermal insulation films can block up to 70% of heat gain in the hot summer and refract heat back into the car to reduce heat loss in the winter. The superior heat insulation and preservation properties of the films further minimize air-conditioner usage and reduce fuel consumption.

The anti-shatter capacity of the Window Films automotive film is 7 times higher than ordinary window film! The automotive film has strong adhesion strength. It forms an adequate strong bond to the glass surface, providing a safe, protective barrier that can lower the threat of injury due to flying glass shards when encountering a shattering on impart which is caused by the external forces, coupled with left-right alternate forces. The automotive films are mainly composed of metals and light penetration rate of the automotive films should be maintained at above 70%. It is difficult for any manufacturers producing thermal insulation films to overcome these technical problems as only lower metal composition in the window films can lead to the increase in the light penetration rate of the window films. Therefore, in order to satisfy the requirements for sales in the Chinese market, the window films that can only be used in the foreign market are repackaged as a brand new, high light penetration products for sales in china.

Window Film automotive thermal insulation films utilize new patented spiral structure which helps enhance the durability of the film surface. Furthermore, the safety base layer helps prevent shattering of glass and flying glass shards. These films are tough and smooth in texture, with compact structures and high durability. Therefore, they are considered intrinsically safe and anti-explosion. Its automotive thermal insulation films have better thermal insulation properties than the conventional metal thermal insulation films, with an overall thermal insulation rate of up to 70%. This further causes the average car’s interior temperature significantly decreases and creates a more comfortable cabin space. Its automotive window thermal insulation films have high heat insulation capacity, high optical clarity, and provide improved comfort. Hence, these films are recommended by the International Window Film Association (IWFA) for various applications.

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