Nano Ceramic Tinting Film Technology


Ceramic window tint can be described as non-metallic uses a double layer of nano-ceramic technology to prevent sun’s heat, saving the car’s interior by wading off ultraviolet radiation to prevent inside car temperature and bring comfort without affecting visibility. Quite a number of car owner are presently yearning to have their windows tinted for many reasons known to them. Apart from controlling the interior temperature of the car, many also do it for privacy purposes.

However, controlling of interior temperature is the primary aim as invented by the inventor because of the hot rays from the sun which tends to increase inside car temperature and causing discomfort inside the car. Because of this comfort, car users tend to often put on their air-conditioners which drain the car engine power. To avoid this loss, high-quality ceramic window tint had been discovered to best control the inside car temperature and keep it cool always. However, there are many car window tints such as but only ceramic window tints have the ability to deal with heat resistance without affecting the visibility inside the car. This is better and safer children and pets.

Kröpelin Ceramic Films Features and Benefits

These Kröpelin Ceramic films have unique nano-ceramic shielding with high standard of Kröpelin films on high demand. These films are characterized with the best heat dissipation capabilities, outstanding IR coating and completely neutral for technical signals like mobiles or GPS.

The Kröpelin Ceramic series automotive films are developed for design-oriented car glass with the best efficiency due to its exceptional manufacturing process. Kröpelin Ceramic Bond automotive window films is excellent for new high quality and modern vehicles with its available various colour spectrum ranging from deep black to transparent to give the best attraction.

The unique composition of the films offers reliable heat and special protection together with mobile phones neutral signal receipt, navigation and many other electronic devices based on the types. Some films shield up to 95% infrared rays and a visible transmitted light of up to 70%.

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