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Why Choose Us? One-Stop Tinting Films in Malaysia

10 Years Warranty Window Film

KRÖPELIN Window Film with outstanding quality & performance. We are giving a 10 Years warranty for all Ceramic Bond Window Tint Film Series.

Premium Quality Window Tinting Film

KRÖPELIN Ceramic Bond Window Film in Malaysia is high-quality Window Film with perform 99% UV Rejection, 97% Infrared Rejection (IRR) and 75% Total Solar Engergy Rejection (TSER)

Window Tinting Film

Kröpelin Window Film develops and produces Security Tinting Film, Building Window Film, Paint Proctection Film

Tinting Films One-Stop Solution

We are One-Stop Tinting Film Service Center & Paint Protection Center. We provide world-wide trusted product for paint protection car coating & also paint protection film (PPF).

KRÖPELIN Window Film – Proficient and innovative designs Tinting Film for more than 30 years.

Human being’s ambition is to be secured, protected and comfort as an individual.

KRÖPELIN Window Film uses its innovative experience to design systems that work without stress to draw your attention, build security without any hindrances.

In addition, we offer full range system program for mechanical Security Window Film technology for outdoor Tinting Film security and also for climatic room concepts together with innovative Tinting Film technologies to meet present security Tinting Film technology.

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Kröpelin Window Film, The Premium German Technology Window Films. Now launching at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Window Film & Tinting Film in Malaysia

With over 30 years of experience in the production of Window Films in Germany, we are company that breeds reliability and convenience. We are capable of handling your requests, and we are here to guarantee the German quality of our Tinting Film products. Fulfil your ambition of security, protection, and comfort by taking advantage of our splendid Window Film products. We use innovative technology as well as proven design systems in order to craft some of the highest quality window Tinting Film in Malaysia, and there are quite a lot of benefits that stem from it.

If you are having hard times grasping at the benefits which derive from Tinting Film, below are some of the most basic ones.


Enhanced Driving Capabilities – Window Tinting Film Malaysia

Every experienced drive knows perfectly well that driving against the sun is one of the most inconvenient and challenging things to consider. With this in mind, it’s also important to note that this could be rather dangerous. If you take advantage of our window tinting film in Malaysia, you can rest assured that the dangerous solar glares are going to be blocked and prevented. What is more, this is also true for other types of dangerous flares.


Window Tinting Film – Splendid Privacy

Driving a luxury vehicle is an experience – it’s a privilege. With our window solar film, we are enabling you to add on what’s already a great endeavour. You can rest assured that the Window Tinting Film guards that we manufacture are going to ensure your personal privacy regardless of where you are. This Windows Tinting is something tremendously important.


Window Film Temperature Control

Our Window Tinting Film in Malaysia is also going to allow you to control the temperature within the vehicle in a far more convenient way. Keeping it cool has never been easier, despite of the burning summer heat outside.

Of course, there are quite a lot of additional perks that you will most likely benefit from. The list includes Window Film shatter proofing, staying overly healthy, and protecting your upholstery and a range of other comprehensive advantages. The most important thing of Window Film that you need to take into account is that we are a Window Tinting Film company with more than 3 decades of professional experience. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve managed to synthesise the most actionable information.

As such, it’s important to understand that this is something of impeccable convenience. It’s going to overly improve your driving experience and emphasise on the fact that you have a luxury vehicle. It’s going to bring everything that it may be lacking and it’s going to protect it for the long term. There’s nothing for you to think about.

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