Different Types of Car Windows Tint Film Available in Malaysia

Different Types of Car Windows Tint Film Available in Malaysia

Different Types of Car Windows Tint Film Available in Malaysia

Window tints film for cars are used for different reasons around the world. Car windows tinting films are an economical, attractive and convenient way to improve the quality of the interior space of the car. Not only does the window tints cuts down on glare, but promotes privacy without reducing the light and visibility inside the car. However, not all the window tints can offer all the benefits.


Types of Car Window Tint Films | Car Tinted

There are different types of window tint films, each with its own distinctive features and quality of their material. Following are some types of car window tints:


Dyed Window Tint Films

Dyed Window Tint Films are one of the most economical car window tinting available. These are less expensive than others and somehow less functional as well. These car tinted block rays by the addition of dye to the car tinted film. In these window tints, the dye is placed in the layer next to the adhesive. This layer is then applied to the window of the car. The dye in the film absorbs the solar car tinted film and prevents some heat from entering the vehicle. It also blocks the UV rays to some extent. These are used primarily for appearance and privacy. From outside the car, these will look black but from the inside, the vision will not be blocked.


Metalized Window Tint Film

Another type of car window films is the metalized window films. This type of car window tint consists of several layers. The base layer of the adhesive joins the car tinted film to the window of the car. This layer is followed by the layer of film used to block the UV rays and radiations. After that metallized layer follows that reflects heat and darkens the window to give a cool effect inside the car. Followed by the metalized layer, a protective film is applied to prevent scratches.


Hybrid Window Tinting Film

Hybrid window tinting film combines the benefits of both the metalized and dyed window tinting film. This type of window tints film comprises of an adhesive layer, a dye layer, a metallized layer and a protective coat. Because of the combination of the dyed and metalized layer, the light which is not reflected is absorbed by the dyed layer and this makes the vehicle cooler in the summer and warm in the winter season.


Ceramic Window Tint Film

Ceramic window tint films are one of the most recently developed window tinting consisting of an adhesive layer that is mated with a thin ceramic layer. These layers are protected by a top coat. These window tints film reflect heat and darken the window. However, the vision from the inside is not blocked.

These are some types of car window tints film. If you are looking to get your car tinted in Malaysia, contact HAVERKAMP. They are offering all types of car tints in Malaysia at the best prices with full warranty.

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