Different Types of Window Tint Film

Different Types of Window Tint Film

The window tint film has been confirmed to be attractive, cost effective and the same time found comfortable to improve interior space quality in respective of its application whether vehicles’ windows, home or office windows, and other purposes. Window tint film offers the advantages of promoting privacy and also enhancing car interior visibility by allowing light reflection into the car. This technology has helped in reducing the costs of solving heating related problems in the cars and homes during both summer and winter months by blocking sun’s rays and also prevents deadly ultraviolet rays

Types Of Window Tint Film

For the best result, it is important to select the best and most cost effective window tint film to fit your purpose. There are four types of these films varying in terms their effectiveness, price, and material quality. Check out the main four categories of window tint film for better understanding and selection:
Dyed window tint film
This film uses the principle of blocking rays of light by placing the dye beside adhesive layer thereby optimizing the film with addition of dye and then applies it to the window. It has been found to be most affordable and economical and as well less operative than the other. This type of window-tinting film is mainly used for appearance purpose. It has flat and opaque appearance with the provision of privacy as well as enhancing interior visibility when applied on automobile windows but appears black. However, the provided heat reduction of dye film is very low thereby tends to fade away with time.

Metallized film
Metallized film utilizes the small metallic particles to dissipate heat by reflecting away from the interior space just like in the case of dyed film. These particles are very tiny and embedded in it, making it invisible. The metalized film contents give strength to the window in addition to its real function. When metalized film is used on a vehicle window, it also serves the function of shatter-resistant and appears shinning from outside view. It has the advantage of scratch resistance more than dyed film tint. However, it has the disadvantage of interfering with GPS transmission, cell phone, and radio reception when metallic content is used in a vehicle.

Carbon window tint film
This film gives better results in defeating the drawback interference experienced in the metalized film. Your cell phones and radio transmission are not interfered by any metallic content as carbon window tint film produces the best options with its dark and matte-finished properties as it doesn’t have any metallic content in it. The infrared light which causes warmth is blocked by carbon content embedded in the film, up to 40% infrared light which enters through the window is blocked to maintain cooling effect inside space. Carbon window-tinting film has been discovered to stand the test of time as it cannot fade with time, unlike dyed film. Also, it has many other benefits such as preventing interior upholstery from fading by effectively blocking heat rays and reducing air-conditioner running time and power during winter and summer.

Ceramic film
This type of film has researched and confirmed to be the most active with the best result out of all types of window tint film. It utilized non-metallic and nonconductive ceramic particles to prevent about 45% to 50% solar heat from entering the vehicle through a window in the form of infrared light. It is the most expensive out of the four types with its high quality but cost effective with its worth. Its reliability and efficiency cannot be compared to other window tint films. The ceramic film keeps inside space cool both day and night and as well enhances maximum visibility. In summary, the ceramic film has higher advantage over other films in terms of interference, blocking of ultraviolet light, scratch resistance, fading resistance, Shaffer-proof, maximum visibility, and overall efficiency.


When you are looking windows tint film to be installed on your window, don’t just go for any film but ask for the best quality that can stand the test of time. An experience window tint installer will give you different film option as well explains the benefits of each for you to make your choice. Ceramic film has proved its worth in the market and it is worth trying for last longing, effectiveness, cost effective, heat rays prevention and maximum visibility. Highly recommended.